About Us

CLARK & ASSOCIATES is an award-winning, full-service advertising agency located in Northern California. It begins with two partners who have been working in close, spirited sync for 30 years, and continues with a stellar support staff that can jump through hoops and produce anything you need. We have decades of hands-on experience in retail advertising—particularly in automotive, electronics, consumer goods and services, and a host of other retail categories.

At Clark & Associates, we start by getting to know your business inside and out, really digging in. We find out your goals and needs and how you operate, look at where you are and then cast an eye on where you want to be. You’ll get the benefit of our top associates’ full attention—clients are never turned over to junior partners, because our senior partners don’t want to be anywhere but in the thick of things. They wouldn’t be in this business otherwise!

We’ll make a plan and implement it, and if the results aren’t to your full satisfaction we retool, immediately – we never stick with a direction that’s not working. It’s too important to keep your sales not only up but climbing.

Whatever you need to reach your audience—hard sell, humor, radio, television, or print—our creative team can get it done in a way that suits your budget, whether that budget is in the thousands or millions. Your success is ours, bottom line.

If we can be frank (and we always are), we don’t flatter our clients or take absolutely everybody we meet – if for whatever reason our team and yours are not a good fit and we can’t help you, we’ll say so. We never promise anything we can’t do, because we are very much about winning. So once we start working, we won’t quit until you’re winning as well.