At Clark & Associates we’re interested in one thing:

raising your sales figures.

We do this through the marketing and advertising methods we know best (because we’ve been using them for 30 years): branding, market research, strategizing, and targeted advertising. Our ad teams are creative, hard-working and have won many awards for our TV and radio commercials, but we’re pretty sure awards aren’t what you’re interested in. We’re betting you’d be more impressed by our work if it caused your sales to go through the roof.

Clark & Associates is a medium-sized Northern California advertising agency, just the right size to offer the services of a big agency yet small enough to show you the commitment, care, and attention you deserve from every level of our staff. From the moment we’re hired, we consider ourselves a full marketing partner; your ups and downs are our ups and downs, and we’ll invest as much passion and energy into managing them as you would yourself. From concept to completion, we’ll be right there to guide you through every step of the advertising process, giving you our years of experience to help you make the best possible choices. Call us today and let’s team up.

Strategy & Research Services

Effective selling starts with a plan, and ends with definite, measurable results. We can give you both. Clark & Associates' expert market research team will determine both the audience for your message and the best way to reach that audience. We won't waste your time and money on a media plan that will fall on deaf ears—we'll get your company noticed by the customers who'll resonate with you.


Media placement is the most powerful tool you can purchase with your advertising budget. We know the industry inside and out and will go the extra mile – or however many miles it takes – to negotiate the best price and real estate for the media you need.

Television Commercial Production

We handle all aspects of TV commercial production, from casting and storyboarding to filming and editing, from animation to testimonials and everything in-between. Clark & Associates is the proud recipient of many awards, but we're even prouder of the results we've achieved for our clients with our TV advertising. With Clark & Associates, you'll get a sharp, professional television commercial that will hit home with the people you most need to reach: the potential customers for your specific product.

Radio Commercial Production

In today's radio landscape, it's harder than ever to capture someone's attention. Radio stations are running more ads than ever during commercial breaks making it critically important to break through the clutter. With Clark & Associates' award-winning radio commercials, we not only break through the clutter, we also ensure that the sales message is heard loud and clear and that your company's unique selling proposition is front and center. We produce national-sounding radio commercials tailored to fit within your budget parameters.